CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT for App Stores ODP for iPHONE, iphonesmallBLACKBERRY, J2ME, NOKIA OVI, GOOGLE ANDROID Windows Mobile - with Gesture Support, Location Based, Ringtone Content, Graphics, Animation, Media Streaming

AFFORDABLE HIGH QUALITY - Save 30-60%. All inclusive pricing model includes QA Certification. Contact Us for a FREE ESTIMATE

ENTERPRISE Application Development - SMS, MMS, WAP Gateways, Integration with 3rd party Backend APIs, ON bbsmallDevice Portals ODP, 3G Location Based Services, Widgets and Web 2.0 Portals, Billing Solutions

QUICK SEAMLESS - Go live within weeks! We take care of everything from start to finish and guarantee a hassle free experience

ANGULUS WIRELESS, an Aureus group company, is a leader in outsourcing of Wireless Application Software Development. Our global certified delivery centers are committed to very High Quality at very Low Prices. We provide flat rate all inclusive low pricing model with cost savings of 30-60%. We 10+ years of experience, we are serving clients of various sizes in many industries including Fortune 500 companies. From a leader in relationship management, you will get fast and affordable customized development. Competent engineering personnel from our team can work directly with you on your project part-time or full-time, based on your requirements.

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